Friday, October 26, 2012

Guess that Parable!

The last parable is found in Matthew 20:1-16. If you guessed The Laborers in the Vineyard you guessed right! We learned on Wednesday that it is a good thing that God is not fair. Just like the vineyard owner who paid all his workers the same (those who worked all day and those who didn't get hired till the last hour) He gives salvation to all of us, no matter when we ask or in what condition we are in when we ask. If he treated us fairly...who would get to heaven?

Here is this weeks parable:

Jamie was a leader at his school. He didn't lead normal things like band, football, or a club. Instead, Jamie was the one who other students looked to for guidance  They treated others the way he treated them. They wore similar clothes that he wore. You were a part of the "in" crowd when you followed Jame and many students did. Mainly because he would have you beat up of you didn't. 
Tami is a new student today and at lunch was trying to find a place to sit. Tami has red hair and Jamie's group didn't like this feature for some reason. By placing books, bags, or saying that the open seat was being saved they kept her from sitting them. Their "group" took up most of the lunch room, and by the time Tami found a seat she didn't have much time to eat. Jamie's group was relentless in their taunting and wouldn't give her a break. It went from teasing, to cruel put downs, to beating her up. It started with Tami having read hair to picking on anything about her appearance or personality. The day they had beaten her up Rosa, who is a part of Jamie's group, went home that night ashamed for what she had down and for what Jamie's "friends" had done. She had felt this way for a while but finally made a decision about it. The next day Rosa, with all her courage, broke away from Jamie's group and went to Tami's house to check on her and to apologize. Since Tami is now home-schooled, Rosa visits her everyday even at her own risk of being hurt.

Have fun guessing! 

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